Atletico Madrid prepares to find a new sponsor instead of Wanda

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Atletico Madrid Wanda Metropolitano Atletico Madrid’s home stadium is being renamed following a new sponsor this summer.

Atletico Madrid are seeking a new sponsor to replace Dalian Wanda, who is ending his deal this summer. After the Chinese company entered into business with the Bear Brand team since 5 years ago. According to a report from ‘Dirio As’ on Thursday. 

Dalian Wanda has been the main sponsor of Atletico Madrid five years ago. When Atletico move from the Vicente Calderon to a new stadium at Metropolitana. No Before using the name of the arena as Wanda Metropolitano. According to the sponsor paying a subsidy of 50 million euros over a five-year contract. 

Atletico Madrid are reportedly looking for a new sponsor on a similar basis. After Dalian Wanda told them they would not extend their contract with the ufabet club. It is expect that Atletico will reach an agreement. With a new sponsor sometime in July and will use the new stadium name instead of Wanda. 

This marks a further step in Atletico’s attempts to get closer to Real Madrid and Barcelona. Which is shown most clearly. By their initial joining of the European Superleague. The gap between the big two and Atletico Madrid is still considerable. But with the Catalans in a precarious financial situation. It could be an opportunity to reel them in if things go well on the pitch.