Live casino games It’s so fun that bounty hunters have to challenge

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Nowadays, there are many casino games for you to choose from. To reduce the time to choose a channel to make money We therefore recommend popular casino games that are easy to play ufabet, get real money, and are fun until you have to play repeatedly with 9 live casino games. It’s so fun that bounty hunters have to challenge. If you are ready to bet, then let’s see what games will be available.

1. Roulette, a challenging live casino game to try. 

Famous games of the casino world No matter who comes to play, they must be addicted to spinning the prize hunting wheel. that decides the win or loss from the position where the roulette stops This is a game that has a variety of betting methods. And there are 2 types of betting tables to choose from: American Roulette (American) and European Roulette (Europe).

In addition, each casino and each website has different entertainment features for you to choose from according to your lifestyle.

2. Baccarat, a live casino game that is challenging to try 

Another casino game that cannot be discussed. Because it has been popular continuously. With gambling games in the form of cards, not difficult to bet, easy to play, similar to bounce card games, make money quickly

This game will be divided into 2 sides, namely Player (Player) and Banker (Banker). Players can choose either side or either side. By deciding the result of losing or winning from the card points of each side If anyone scores higher than the other side, we will win that round immediately.

3. Tiger-Dragon, a live casino game that is challenging to try 

Tiger-Dragon Online casino games that are hot in this period. There is a style of playing similar to baccarat, easy to bet, fast game over, real profit. It is another option that many gamblers give their thumbs up.

Which the decision of the win or loss depends on a single card, just 20 seconds to finish the game immediately. Just you choose to bet which side has a higher score. If you guess correctly, you can win. Prepare to check the prize balance in your account.

4. Blackjack, a challenging live casino game to try. 

The card game that has become popular after all is “Blackjack”, a fun and exciting card game. Determine the win or loss by 21 points based on the match between the player and the dealer.

Measure the results of the showdown. which side of the cards have more total points The highest point will be 21 points and if the total number of cards of either side exceeds 21 points, it will be considered ‘busted’ or lost immediately.

5. Andar Bahar, a challenging live casino game 

Andar Bahar or the game to find the Joker card Card games that are hot in Asia. And gamblers shouldn’t miss it because it’s another fun money making game. and making money is not difficult There is a betting method similar to Baccarat. and tiger-dragon but much easier to play

In this game, all 52 cards are used to play, then the player has to choose 1 side to bet between Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside). Now it remains only to wait for the timing of the Joker card to come to the side you bet on.

6. Three cards, a challenging live casino game to try. 

Another game that is played similar to Baccarat and Tiger-Dragon. But this game will use only 3 cards to decide. Which side gets a lot of good cards, they can get the prize money back home.

The bets of this game will be divided into 2 sides, “Dragon” and “Phoenix”, when the gambler chooses to bet on the side that they think will win. The dealer will deal 3 cards to each side and start showing 2 cards at a time before showing the last card to decide the win or loss. If any side gets more points That side will be the winner and receive the prize money back immediately.

7. Sic Bo, a challenging live casino game to try 

Popular casino games that do not try to play will be considered a huge mistake. Who is bored of card games, want to try other genres? We recommend you to try your luck with this dice game. In this online casino game, there is a measure of winning and losing from the sum of all 3 dice, whether you choose to bet correctly according to the results that come out or not.

The charm that attracts many gamblers of this game is having principles for predicting the outcome of the next turn by using mathematical principles probability comes to the rescue But to evaluate it may require a little study of the game’s statistics. to bring the possibilities as close as possible to the truth

8. Fantan, a live casino game that is challenging to try 

Another interesting online casino game Because betting with 200 – 500 “buttons” or “peanuts” is a game that is easy to play. Fun and exciting in every rhythm of telling the result of losing or winning

which the way to play starts from the dealer will bring a container to cover the beans from the large pile Then divide the beans into piles, each pile of 4, then let the player guess how many beans in the last pile are there. If the guess is correct, it will be the winner of the game immediately.

9. Gourds, crabs, fish, live casino games that challenge you to try 

Local gambling games that we are familiar with, easy to play, fun to win, not complicated, with a style of playing similar to Sic Bo. By using 3 dice to play and the result is drawn.

The game starts with the dealer shaking the dice in the device. Allows players to predict different outcomes. From the symbols on the dice on all 6 sides of the game, gourd, crab, fish

which players can choose to bet in a variety of ways Whether according to color patterns, symbols, numbers or high and low bets If you want to be a champion in this game We say it’s not difficult. Just plan your bets. and proceeding carefully The chance of winning is definitely not within reach.