Dry brushing

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Normally, when brushing your teeth several times People are probably familiar with using a toothbrush dipped in water and squeezing toothpaste on the brush. Or some people rinse the brush with water first to get the brush wet before squeezing toothpaste into it. Including after brushing your teeth, you will rinse your mouth or rinse with water, but for dry brushing You may not use the method of brushing your teeth that many people are familiar with. But did you know that Dry brushing, which is brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste without the use of water before or after brushing. It is a tooth brush that I would like to recommend because it is good for oral health.

How to brush dry teeth

  • Squeeze toothpaste onto a regular toothbrush. Without having to dip the brush in water or rinse your mouth first.
  • Brush thoroughly on all teeth in the same manner as you would normally brush your teeth.
  • Take about 2 minutes to brush your teeth to make sure you brush all over your mouth. When finished brushing, spit in to remove the toothpaste foam. without having to rinse with water
  • After dry brushing your teeth You should abstain from water and food for at least half an hour.

That’s it, the dry brushing process is complete. The method is almost no different from brushing your teeth normally. Just don’t use water. Therefore it is more convenient. And when there is no mouthwash with water It causes the tooth surface to be coated with more fluoride and last longer. Thus increasing the efficiency of preventing tooth decay. It is considered a better way to care for your mouth and teeth than wet brushing. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app

Advantages of dry brushing

  • It is more effective in preventing tooth decay than rinsing with water after brushing your teeth. Because the fluoride in toothpaste will remain in the mouth for a longer time. Makes it adhere to the tooth surface more. Therefore, it serves to prevent tooth decay for a longer time.
  • After brushing your teeth The fluoride in toothpaste is highly concentrated during the first half hour. The fluoride remaining during this period is very useful in helping repair the tooth surface. Therefore increasing efficiency in preventing tooth decay.

ll forms of tooth brushing should be done at least twice a day, after breakfast and before bed. And you should brush for no less than 2 minutes at a time. While brushing, you should remove all food particles and stains between your teeth. And may increase the efficiency of dental care by using dental floss before brushing. To help open the tooth surface to allow fluoride from the toothpaste to repair the tooth surface while Dry toothbrush get better