Tottenham Hotspur club offer Bale to join the team

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Tottenham Hotspur club consider the situation of the team before deciding to make an offer to hire free agent Gareth Bale to join the army. Who if successful will be wearing the golden spur gear in the third round of the subject.

According to ‘ Sun Sport ‘ , Bale has crashed his head at Spurs twice before, between 2007-2013 , 203 , scoring 55 goals , and on loan from Real Madrid in the 2020-21 season. 16 goals in 34 games ufabet

At present, the player is out of contract from Madrid and is ready to consider every offer. That will make himself play a role and keep sharp in anticipation of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The Wales national team, which the ‘ golden spur chicken ‘ is possible.  

As well as director of football Fabio Paratici, the 31 -year-old is also eyeing the 31 – year-old, but may have to knock off the front line, Lucas Moura , and wait for the conclusion of a deal. Buy Richarlison from Everton.  

If attempts to get the Brazilian out of Goodison Park fail, Bale is believed to be his turn .  

For rivals to sign Bale, including Newcastle. Southampton League rivals or even Cardiff of the National People’s Democratic Republic of England. 

The history of Gareth’s work at the Santiago Bernabeu. Playing for 9 years, together to win 5 Champions League is a highlight.